2018/19 Sailing Season

Stow disabilities and sail ‘free’ this season.

Our next sailing season commences on 14th October 2018 and we will sail until April 2019 from the Nelson Yacht Club.

  • 7th October Training Day for Volunteers Only
  • 14th October OPEN DAY
  • 28th October
  • 11th November
  • 25th November
  • 9th December
  • School and Christmas/New Year Holidays (no sailing)
  • 27th January
  • 10th February
  • 24th February
  • 10th March
  • 24th March
  • 7th April Closing Day

Proficient sailors wishing to sail competitively in NYC Open fleet must join Nelson Yacht Club, click here for the details.


Each sailor must join Sailability Nelson at a cost of $40 per annum with the first sail being free.

Each of the 30-minute Sailability Nelson sail is $5. Please pay in cash on the morning.

The sailing day

8:00am: Cancellation of sailing for the day will be notified to sailors by text or cell phone

8.45am the volunteers will be on site rigging up yachts, running safety checks of radios and all boats. We have sailors who require a hoist transfer from pontoon to boat so this needs to be set up and tested.

9.30am Rescue boats launched and yachts towed to the pontoon

10.00am First sailing time

Parents or caregivers are welcome to come out on one of the tender boats. Everyone must wear a lifejacket. These are available at the Club upon registration. Bring your camera to capture the fun!